Brodeur Family Farms - Romney and Romeldale CVM sheep

Sheep & Wool

Proudly raising Romney and Romeldale-CVM sheep for breeding stock, fiber and meat. Contact us to place an order or for more information.

Raw Fleece / wool from our flock great for yarn, warp threads, roving and more. Raw wool from our Romeldale, CVM and Romney flock. Click Raw Wool link to see offerings.

Romney White Roving

Soft white Romney roving, ideal for spinning yarn, felting, making rugs and more. Roving is made from our white Romney flock. Contact us to place an order.

Romney Gray Yarn

Romney Barn Wood Gray Skeins available. A true labor of love our yarns take over a year to grow and make. Our yarn is made from all the colors of our Romney flock giving it a unique warm color. Contact us to place an order.

Romney Sheep

Romney breeding stock registered through the American Romney Breeders Association. Contact us for more information.

Romeldale, CVM Sheep

Romeldale and CVM breeding stock registered with the National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy.