Life of weeds

I greatly underestimated two critical elements in my undertaking of a new "organic" garden on fresh prairie meadow, the power of mother nature and time it takes to overtake her powers. I burned it, I tilled it, and broke sweat and tears on it; and it all came back -- again and again and again it would not stop. 

Since I have bills and must work a full time job I could not afford to spend hours each day or eight hours each weekend weeding the protest of weeds.  

During this time I also came to realize the efforts of the new founding settlers must have gone through to clear and maintain thee crops. It is truly brutal work.  

It is no wounded to me know why farms become organic and do not originate organic unless you have no other life.  

If you are going to break new ground use an herbicide, plant a resistant crop and maintain this process for at least one year or two. Then begin the process.  

Obviously there are other methods but this is my opinion of the easiest way to start.