Our lambing supply list 2018

Genecheck - sample only collectors 

Used for checking Codon 171 which informs you if your sheep is RR, QR, QQ. There are ways to know what your lambs will be if you track this for your Rams and Ewes. 

Premier1Supplies items

Mini Ear Tags 

These are small enough that they do not flop around but bigenough you can display the scrappi number and your animal ID.  We also put our farm name on one side so people can find us if one goes missing.   

Navel Clamps

These go on the lamb right away afterbirth.  This prevents infection from going through the bellybutton / navel until it heals.  After about 3 days when things have healed we remove them and store them for the next year.  Prior to reuse we wash them in a jar of alcohol.  

Rubber "O" rings for castrating

These are castration rubber rings for docking tails and castrating ram lambs. You will need an applicator band stretcher to use these. The red ones seem to be a better quality over the green.  They are cheap and easy to use. 

Catheter Syringe and Catheter Stomach Tube

This is used to feed your new born lambs in the off chance the Ewe doesn't produce milk or under other circumstances.  Look up instructions on the Premeir1 site as they have a good tutorial.  


Other items


You should try to find a dairy and ask them if they would be willing to sell / give you colostrum.  Most dairies pull this off the cow and send it to there freezer and they likely have way more than they need.  Cow colostrum doesn't have as much fat as sheep colostrum so we add a tsp of butter and store about ten of those really small Tupperware containers in the freezer.  The big bottle the dairy gives we keep on the deep freezer.   Be careful not to overheat your colostrum as you will destroy the beneficial bacteria.  We put our frozen bottles in warm water to thaw.   

Also keep some powder colostrum and milk replacer on hand.

Milk Replacer

Merricks Super Lamb is the best option but it's hard to find and you likely will not find it in your local farm store.  

Essential 3 +T (CD+T)

We purchase this from the Colorado Serum Company.  This is just a preference.  We give our doses so the peak of the antibodies happens at 3-4 weeks when the sheep is lambing.  So 3-4 weeks before the sheep is forecast to drop lambs is when you want to give the vaccine.  Yearling will require the initial shot and three weeks later a booster. Call your vet for clarification. This timming allows the lamb to get the antibodies in there colostrum. This will cover your lambs for the year.    

250w red heat bulbs

we bought four heat lamps from Premier1 they are made to be safer for barns.  I always buy new bulbs before lambing to limit the chance of having to replace when I need it.  I found last year that the 125 w bulbs just don’t compare to the 250w when your in an I heated barn and need to keep a lamb warm.   

 Oat straw

I read somewhere that Oat straw is more absorbant than any other substance.  Call around to local farmers. Tell them your looking for combined oat.  There is a difference, combined oat straw has almost no oats attached, this will help keep your wool clean.  

Important reminder: Make sure your drop area and lamb pens are always clean and dry to the touch.  If it’s wet underneath or on top you need to muck and apply a new layer.  If a mamma sheep digs into the wet muck layerbefore she drops this could expose the lamb to a host of bacteria such as ecoli.   


Keep close by

  • Antiseptic luberacant gel
  • ob gloves that go up to your sholder
  • pro-laps spoon and harness
  • lots of clean towels
  • digital thermometer  
  • phonewith vets emergency number
  • large bulb sucker to suck guck out of lambs air ways
  • sisors
  • scalple
  • Headlamp
  • batteries for head lamp
  • bttle of alcohol the rubbing not the drinking  🙄


hope this help please leave feedback or list additional items that should be included.